Tell Your Hurts to God


“Listen to my prayer, O God, do not ignore my plea. Hear me and answer me.” Psalm 55:1

When my two-year-old grandson plays in the house, he likes to jump on the furniture, climb the walls, and explore under the kitchen table. I’m constantly telling him to slow down, afraid he will hurt himself. As two-year-olds go, he listens sometimes and doesn’t at others. Eventually he may stub his toe, or fall on his arm, or have some other minor mishap. Sometimes I see it, but more often I hear it – that sharp cry of pain that needs attention.

I’ll tell him to come over to my chair and I’ll ask what happened. He’ll brush away a tear and he’ll point to what hurts. I’ll pull that arm or finger or forehead to mine and kiss it and ask if he will be okay. And in a few moments he nods, and then he turns back to his play. A listening ear, a sympathetic voice and a kiss of care was what he needed.

I’m reminded of our Heavenly Father in the same way. He cares for us. He’s ready and willing and wanting to hear about our hurts. Not just physical hurts, but emotional, relational, and spiritual. He hears us when we pray and tell Him our troubles. He answers with His Word, the Bible, not only telling us that He cares, but also offering a word of instruction or counsel. And He promises that He has a future for us beyond this world, that no matter what is thrown at us today, our greatest tomorrow is going to be okay.

If we can live in that knowledge, we can move past our hurts to concentrate on what God has for us to do today. And just like that two-year-old who’s jumping on the sofa cushions, we can know that our Heavenly Father is right there with us to hear us and comfort us when hurt happens.

Dear Lord, you know the ways I’m hurting today. You know the pain I’m experiencing. So I thank you for the reminder that you are always with me and that you care about what I’m going through. Lord, I need your healing, your comfort, and your peace right now. Please grant me whatever I need so that I can move forward in living my life for you. In Jesus’ name, amen.